Summer: Ages 13-16

2021 90' Diamond Summer Programs (13-16 Year Olds)

NALL has competitive and developmental summer programs for players Little League Age 13 to 16 on the 90’ Big Diamond.

Cost is $225, with an extra fee of $25 if you make a competitive LTA team.

Players 13 to 15 must try out the week of June 1st (dates TBA) to be on a competitive team. If you can’t try out you must contact 13+ VP Jeff Buxton [email protected].

You MUST register AND go to tryouts to play on a competitive summer team.

If you didn’t play spring NALL you can play for a summer competitive team.

All teams travel and play both weekdays and weekends, usually Sunday. There are usually 3 events per week, sometimes 4.

Please register here today:

2021 Summer Tryout Schedule

Everyone plays, but we have a try out to make sure your child is on the right team for them.

Try outs are the week of June 1st, dates to be announced, at least one weekday and one weekend.

Please register before tryouts to avoid missing any announcements.

If you absolutely can’t come to a try out you must contact 13+ VP Jeff Buxton at [email protected] and present a written excuse acceptable to the Board of Directors, or you will not be eligible to be selected to a competitive team.

2021 NALL Summer Teams

NALL plans to have these summer teams:

·   Lou Thomkins All-Stars (LTA) : competitive division for ages 13 to 15, two (2) teams (13U, 15U), start July 6, playoffs end mid-August, 16 to 18 games, substantial travel involved

·   Big Diamond Summer League (BDSL) : developmental division for ages 13 to 16, as many teams 13U and 16U- as registrations warrant, start July 6, playoffs end mid-August, 14 to 15 games, travel involved to surrounding towns, all 16s must play in this division

LTA has extra fees, plays 2 or 3 more games, and has slightly higher umpire fees. If your child is selected to LTA an extra fee of $25 is needed to cover the extra costs.

All teams travel to surrounding towns and play both on weekdays and some weekends (usually Sunday).

There are usually 3 events per week, sometimes 4.

All teams get the same quality uniforms and equipment.

All teams have the same expectations:  managers will put player and personal development first.

But summer ball is competitive ball at all levels, including BDSL. All that changes is the skill of the players and the playing rules:

·   LTA : most competitive, only 9 or 10 players bat in the lineup at a time, stricter substitution rules, and no guarantee of playing time.

·   BDSL : next most competitive, rules like spring; everyone bats, free defensive substitution, all players get substantially equal playing time. 

Double-rostering from BDSL to LTA and vice versa is sometimes used in the summer to help NALL have smaller rosters but still avoid forfeits and manage vacation times. There is no extra charge for this as a double-rostered player from BDSL to LTA may not ever play for the LTA team.


Summer Managers and Coaches

Please email 13+ VP Jeff Buxton immediately at [email protected] if you want to be considered to manage or coach a summer team.

It is also important know managers are not picked before teams. The level you manage at is determined by where your child is placed. We place the player first at the right level, and then we select a manager from the candidates on that team.

Being willing to manage may affect player selection if the player is isn’t an obvious choice for LTA or BDSL. Managers have chosen to have their kid play at a BDSL so the team has a good manager, and never once the other way around.

Summer Baseball – and why it’s DIFFERENT than Spring

Summer baseball is a little different than spring baseball. Yes, like spring no one gets cut. But, there are some important differences.

In summer there’s more competitive baseball. We have a try out so every player ends up on the right team for their age and skills and to make sure all teams can compete at the level they play. That’s best for your child’s development both as player and a person.

The NALL Player Selection Committee picks the teams. Player Agent (Jack Gaffny), 13+ VP (Jeff Buxton), 13+ Commissioner (Jake Beaudoin), managers, coaches, umpires, Board of Directors members, and other independent baseball experts who know the players are on the Committee.

The Committee’s goal is to announce the teams on June 15th.

We make every effort to place your child in exactly the right place for them. Winning games is a close second, but secondary nonetheless.

But it’s also important all teams can compete in their league, so we make sure each team has good players at each position, especially pitcher and catcher.

We also balance your child’s developmental needs. It does your child no good to make a higher-level team and ride the bench all summer, not pitch if primarily a pitcher, not catch if a catcher, etc.

Doing what’s best for everyone is a difficult and delicate balance, so we use all the data we have: not just the try out. We know a try out is just one day, so we use try out data, spring manager evaluations, evaluations from umpires, and any other objective data we can get our hands on.

No decision is made lightly. All decisions are made with careful consideration for what is best for your child first, and what’s best for the team second.

The BDSL Program

BDSL is not an afterthought, it’s an important part of our program – it keeps kids playing baseball and developing their skills. Without BDSL, there wouldn’t be a place for many kids to keep playing. Where would they get the chance to develop and make the team they dream of playing for ?

Maybe your child is a little behind his peers in his physical development and just needs a little time to catch up. Maybe he hasn’t played much baseball so his skills aren’t quite developed enough. Maybe he pitches but there’s no spot for a pitcher on LTA, so the Committee put him in BDSL just so he can work on his pitching and advance to the next level.

Whatever the reason, if BDSL is what’s best for your child, BDSL is still good baseball, so encourage your child to make the most of the opportunity.

Many BDSL players have done just that and made high school teams and beyond. 6 of the 11 Seniors including 3 starters on the 2011 NAHS Varsity played at least a year in BDSL. Some have played college baseball, and some even had a pro tryout.


The competitive teams may have practices while the spring season is still playing, so be prepared for that level of commitment. BDSL will start practice when spring ends.

Is it possible the player selection committee could make a mistake or two in placing a player ? Yes, because that happens; we are imperfect people working with imperfect data.

Will we address these mistakes if we can ? Yes, if we can; we have always done so in the past, but it’s been rare.

So, now that you know summer ball is a bit different please register ASAP and let’s PLAY BALL!


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